Ulpiano Suárez
Ulpiano Suárez Mayor City of Mendoza Mendoza, Argentina


Mayor of the Municipality of the City of Mendoza. Former Undersecretary of Modernization of the Government of the Province of Mendoza. Vice President of the Ibero-American Center for Strategic Urban Development (CIDEU) and Vice President of the National Forum of Radical Party Mayors.


Save to calendar 15-11-2022 11:45 15-11-2022 12:30 Europe/Madrid Smart Solutions for Safer Public Spaces

Public safety is key for the well-being of citizens, and cities are increasingly aware of how vulnerable people can be to crime and violence in public spaces. This session will gather various city planning successful experiences that have integrated civic engagement. How can collaboration enhance public safety? How can decision-makers seize the opportunities that technologies such as IoT, artificial intelligence or surveillance, among others, can bring for the betterment of urban security?


Red Room
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