World Smart City Awards 2020

A unique edition for an unusual context

Since the global pandemic is still impacting our daily lives, this year the World Smart City Awards will take place within the context of Smart City Live 2020 (17-18 Nov), a virtual event organized by Smart City Expo World Congress.

The new Smart City Live will consist of a full-day, broadcast television show on day one, with interviews, debates, and success stories focusing on the impact of COVID-19, plus a program on day two featuring workshops, sessions, and side events, which will gather key players and global institutions for the purpose of tackling the challenges that lie beyond the short-term impact of the pandemic.

The World Smart City Awards (WSCA) will be one of the highlights of this upcoming event, where pioneering city strategies, projects, and ideas will be recognized based on their innovation, relevance, impact, scope of implementation, citizen engagement, co-creation, inclusivity, feasibility, reproducibility, and multi-stakeholder collaboration, among other aspects.

The WSCA have been established in order to identify cities, projects related to the topics of the event, and innovative ideas that are making cities around the world more livable, sustainable, and economically viable. The awards also aim to promote diversity, inclusion, equity, safety, and collaboration, thus enhancing everybody’s quality of life.

54 countries participated in the 2019 edition, and we received 450 applications overall. Enlightening proposals presented by previous award winners came from Singapore, South Africa, Qatar, Japan, the Netherlands, Brazil, Israel, the UK, France, the USA, Denmark, Spain, China, Guatemala, Nigeria, India, Kenya, Austria, Saudi Arabia, Argentina, and the United Arab Emirates.

The winners will be announced during the live online gala on November 18.

Who can participate?

The World Smart City Awards are aimed at both public and private sector cities, businesses, entrepreneurs, startups, digital innovators, developers, research centers, universities, civic techs, civil society representatives, non-governmental organizations, cooperatives, consortia (public-private), and social activists, with innovative ideas, research, analysis, studies, visions, and solutions for the management and development of our cities.

If you have any questions about your Call for Awards entry, please contact our Technical Office. Opening hours: 9h-18h CET (Monday to Friday).



City Award

Enabling Technologies Award

Urban Environment Award

Mobility Award

Governance & Economy Award

Living & Inclusion Award

COVID-19 Innovation Award


The call for awards opens
Deadline for applications
Finalists from all categories will be informed
Results announced at the World Smart City Awards