Olga Chepelianskaia

Principal Consultant and Founding Director | UNICITI Toulouse, France
Olga Chepelianskaia


International Climate Change, Disaster Risk and Sustainable Urban Development Specialist. Founding Director of UNICITI and TEDx speaker. Covered over 30 cities and 40 countries in Asia, Africa and Europe. Worked with leading international institutions such as ADB, CDIA, ISOCARP, Rockefeller Foundation, UNDP, UNECE, UNEP, UNESCAP and UNIDO.



Net-zero Infrastructure: Utopia or Feasible Reality?

Brilé Anderson
Brilé Anderson OECD Environmental Economist Chair
Jose Ramon Serradilla
Jose Ramon Serradilla Sorigué Director de Contratación de Edificación Speaker
Antoni Franquesa
Antoni Franquesa Factor Energia Director del Departament d´Eficiència Energètica, Vehicle Elèctric i Autoconsum Speaker
Olga Chepelianskaia
Olga Chepelianskaia UNICITI Principal Consultant and Founding Director Speaker
Kelly Alvarez Doran
Kelly Alvarez Doran University of Toronto Adjunct Professor - Director of Half Climate Design Speaker

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08-11-2023 14:25 08-11-2023 15:10 Europe/Madrid Net-zero Infrastructure: Utopia or Feasible Reality?

Fighting climate change requires a holistic strategy that adapt cities to present and future challenges. In that sense, achieving net-zero infrastructure brings many opportunities, yet difficulties lie ahead. The latest trends suggest a global approach to decarbonization, spanning from design to deconstruction. How can greener infrastructures, encompassing carbon reduction and renewable energy, be made a reality?

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