Michal Lakomski
Michal Lakomski Mayor's Proxy for Smart City, Director of Digitalization and Cybersecurity Office Poznan City Hall Poznan, Poland


Michal Lakomski is the Mayor's Proxy for Smart City and the Director of Digitalization and Cybersecurity for the city of Poznan. He has been the driving force behind Poznan’s digital transformation since 2017. Michal is a champion of innovation with a keen interest in open data and new technologies.


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Conflicts, political instability, persecutions, and natural disasters disrupt people’s lives, and sometimes displacements are the only way for individuals to search for a new beginning. Refugee crises are complicated situations that involve multiple stakeholders, and welcoming cities have a short time to be ready. How are city governments and citizens addressing welcoming refugees? Are cities made for all?


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