Emilia Saiz
Emilia Saiz Secretary General of United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG) United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG) Barcelona, Spain


Emilia Sáiz is Secretary General of United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG). She has worked with the international movement of local and regional governments in different capacities since 1997, leading programmes and initiatives on institutional capacity building, the participation of women in local decision-making and decentralized cooperation. She played a critical role in setting up the Global Taskforce of Local and Regional Governments, a


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The COVID-19 crisis has exposed and exacerbated underlying inequalities in cities, and has shown how deep inequalities make society as a whole more vulnerable as well as how fragile modern economies are. Now, cities have a key role to play in the inclusive and sustainable economic recovery as engines of growth. In the aftermath of COVID-19, leaving no one behind and reaching the most vulnerable will be fundamental for achieving an equitable and more risk-resilient society. In this context, how can we ensure a pandemic response that does not leave anybody behind? How can the economic, social and health imperatives be reconciled? What role can innovation and digital inclusion policies play here?

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