Cecilia Tham
Cecilia Tham Founder and Principal Futurity Systems Barcelona, Spain


Cecilia Tham works in the intersection of science, design, strategy and impact. She is the founder and director at Futurity Systems, providing Futures-as-a-Service to organizations to build better futures faster, together. She is a former Social Technologist and Futurist at Alpha Telefonica Innovation, the first moonshot factory in Europe.


Save to calendar 15-11-2022 15:30 15-11-2022 16:00 Europe/Madrid Urban Innovations from Global CIOs

While cutting-edge technology can enhance economic growth, productivity and social inclusion, when unevenly deployed in cities it can create a digital divide, exacerbating already existing inequalities. Chief Innovation and Technology Officers have a crucial role to play to deploy digital solutions while reducing this digital gap. During this session, we will discuss the relevant role of technology in making cities more resilient and adaptive in the near future, without leaving any citizen behind.


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Save to calendar 15-11-2022 16:00 15-11-2022 16:15 Europe/Madrid Metaverse: Hype, Hope, or Hell for the future?

The Metaverse is in its infancy, but it is developing at lightning speed. Some people have yet to hear of the word, and others are already putting million-dollar flags on Metaverse soil, claiming ownership of digital real estate that exists nowhere but online.

What exactly is the Metaverse? Is it all hype or is there actually some truth in its potential? How do Smart cities and the Metaverse go hand in hand to allow people to be better immersed in their cities?


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Save to calendar 15-11-2022 16:15 15-11-2022 17:00 Europe/Madrid Disruptive Tech Empowering Digital Services

Disruptive technological breakthroughs are revolutionizing service delivery in cities. As digital twins, virtual reality and many other tools are being used for shaping urbanism and decision-making, how have these technologies disrupted urban developments and transformed cities life so far? Do cities have the sufficient skills in place to use these technologies? How to balance the impact of new digital interactions while ensuring the sustainability of the whole urban ecosystem?


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