Towards Zero Waste

In addition to helping create more efficient, inclusive and sustainable cities, we also want to set an example and become a sustainable event.

Smart City Expo World Congress works towards creating efficient, inclusive and sustainable cities – so naturally, the show should lead by example. Towards Zero Waste is a dedicated sustainability initiative in line with the European Commission’s Circular Economy strategy based on use of fewer materials, reuse and recycling of products, and no food waste.

Take a look at the actions we’ll carry out to ensure a sustainable event in 2021.


Help us reforest the planet

This year, we take another step forward with a new reforestation initiative in collaboration with Plant for the Planet. All money raised from your donations will be given to the Planting for Doñana reforestation project.

Venue decoration goes circular

This year, all of our venue decoration will be carried out using circular materials. We’ll do so by reusing the same structures that are used to assemble our modular stand packs (see insert) when putting together our decorative elements.

Avoiding single-use plastics

We’ll once again say goodbye to single-use plastics at the event. All drinks for sale will be in glass containers and our catering menus will avoid plastic packaging, while coffee machines and one-dose capsules will be replaced by coffee thermos. Vending machines will also be disabled.

Reducing CO2e emissions

All emissions generated by the event are offset by buying Verified Emission Reduction Carbon Credits for sustainable project. Attendees can do the same with the emissions associated with their journey and their stay in Barcelona via Clean CO2.

We also encourage visitors to get around using public transport or bicycle.

Using less paper

As part of our efforts to become a paperless event, we’ll set up QR code points at strategic places throughout the venue for downloading the event app. We’ll also have digital press corners instead of paper magazines, and all paper used at the stands will be collected for recycling at the end of the event.


All lanyards, passes and pass holders are made from recycled materials, and can be discarded at the return point to be recycled again after the event. Special containers for separating waste will be distributed across the venue, with dedicated volunteers to help visitors recycle.

Reducing and reusing

We reuse carpet and other materials from several booths and communal areas. Other items, such as plants, will be donated to several local associations.

No food waste

Leftover food will be donated to the NGO Nutrition Without Borders, to be distributed by community kitchens.



tons of CO2e compensation


kg of waste prevented


kg of waste collection


m2 of carpet reused


accreditations returned


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