Yelene Mencía

Urban Innovation Networks Manager | TECH friendly Bilbao, Spain
Yelene Mencía


Graduated in Business Administration & Management from the UPV-EHU, she completed a Master in International Cooperation and later in Big Data&Business Intelligence. Her background is related to the financial management of sustainable development projects at UNESCO headquarters. She is currently Manager of Urban Innovation Networks at TECH friendly.


Thematic Roundtable | SMART CITY EXPO

Spanish Cities Leading the Testing of Urban Advances

Yelene Mencía
Yelene Mencía TECH friendly Urban Innovation Networks Manager Chair
Michael Donaldson
Michael Donaldson Barcelona City Council Comissioner for Urban Innovation Speaker
Fernando de Pablo-Martin
Fernando de Pablo-Martin Madrid City Council Director Digital Office Speaker
Antonio Francés Pérez
Antonio Francés Pérez Alcoy City Council Mayor Speaker
Fermín Cerezo Peco
Fermín Cerezo Peco Valencia City Council Head of Innovation Speaker
Gema Igual Ortiz
Gema Igual Ortiz Santander City Council Mayoress Speaker

08-11-2023 09:30 08-11-2023 10:15 Europe/Madrid Spanish Cities Leading the Testing of Urban Advances

Sandboxes, urban labs, smart offices, or controlled test environments are presented as spaces where new technologies, services and innovative business models can be tested. While Spain is articulating legal frameworks for their implementation on a state level, local entities are positioned strategically due to their proximity to citizens and the ownership of public spaces and infrastructures. This session will share the success stories of sandboxes being implemented in Santander, Alcoi, Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia.

Hall 2 | Congress Room: Green
Wed 8 09:30h - 10:15h Hall 2 | Congress Room: Green Full Congress Pass