Willem van Heijningen

Strategist | Municipality of Amsterdam Amsterdam, Netherlands
Willem van Heijningen


I work on a wide range of topics to ensure that the Public Space functions well for the citizens of Amsterdam tomorrow, in 10 an 20 years. Specializations: - transitions, project/process management, stakeholder management - mobility hubs, logistic hubs, urban freight, station/node development, transit oriented development, bicycle parking...



How Can We Deliver Sustainable City Logistics

Jordi Casas
Jordi Casas EIT Urban Mobility City Development Manager Moderator
Willem van Heijningen
Willem van Heijningen Municipality of Amsterdam Strategist Speaker
Fabio Nussio
Fabio Nussio City of Rome Head of International Cooperation Speaker
Ioanna Fergadiotou
Ioanna Fergadiotou URBANE Project Coordinator Speaker
Guido Di Pasquale
Guido Di Pasquale Pave Europe Managing Director Speaker
Roamy Valera
Roamy Valera Automotus President Speaker
Viktoria Kindesjö
Viktoria Kindesjö Elain (Scania) Founder Speaker
Giuseppe Dall'Asta
Giuseppe Dall'Asta Interporto Bologna SpA Managing Director Speaker

#Intelligent Mobility, #Last Mile Logistics, #Parking, #Transport Hubs, #Zero Emission

09-11-2023 11:30 09-11-2023 12:45 Europe/Madrid How Can We Deliver Sustainable City Logistics

The on-demand economy, bolstered by increasing digitalisation and socioeconomic trends, saw unprecedented growth during the COVID-19 pandemic. Same day and local deliveries and take-back policies make this trend look likely to stay. The impacts on congestion, noise and air pollution, and quality of life, require an innovative and holistic approach to vehicle fleets, logistics flows as well as private and public collaboration.

Burning Dialogue, from 11:30 to 12:45
Willem van Heijningen (Municipality of Amsterdam)
Fabio Maria Nussio (Municipality of Rome, Italy)

Thematic roundtable, from 12:50 to 16:00
Ioanna Fergadiotou (URBANE)
Guido Di Pasquale (PAVE Europe)
Roamy Valera (Automotus)
Giuseppe Dall'Asta (Interporto Bologna)
Viktoria Kindesjö (Scania Hall 2 | Congress Room: Tomorrow.Mobility

Thu 9 11:30h - 12:45h Hall 2 | Congress Room: Tomorrow.Mobility Tomorrow.Mobility & Full Congress Passes