Toni Segarra Barreto

President | FGC Barcelona, Spain
Toni Segarra Barreto


President of FERROCARRILS DE LA GENERALITAT DE CATALUNYA (2022). The major part of his professional career was developed at PepsiCo. Previously, he held the General Secretariat of the Department of Welfare and Family of the Generalitat de Catalunya. He has a degree in Economics and a Diploma in Business Administration and Management from the University of Barcelona.



Public-Private Partnerships for Impact-Driven Mobility Innovation

Anna Gumbau
Anna Gumbau Freelance Journalist & Event Moderator Moderator
Toni Segarra Barreto
Toni Segarra Barreto FGC President Speaker
Karima Delli
Karima Delli European Parliament Member of the European Parliament - Committee on Transport and Tourism Speaker
Maria Tsavachidis
Maria Tsavachidis EIT Urban Mobility CEO Speaker
Yann Marteil
Yann Marteil Shift4Good Co-founder and Managing Partner Speaker
Rogelio Biazzi
Rogelio Biazzi Ente de la Movilidad de la ciudad de Rosario (EMR) President Speaker

#Business Models, #Economic models, #Investment models, #PPP, #Start-ups

07-11-2023 12:30 07-11-2023 13:30 Europe/Madrid Public-Private Partnerships for Impact-Driven Mobility Innovation

Tackling major global challenges and trends requires careful financial prioritisation and use of resources.
Public-private partnerships are an increasingly important model to support critical urban mobility infrastructure and systems. In this discussion, panellists will reflect on the role of these partnerships, and how cities can implement innovative partnership and business models to accelerate the sustainable and digital transition.

Hall 1 | Auditorium
Tue 7 12:30h - 13:30h Hall 1 | Auditorium Full Congress & Tomorrow.Mobility & Tomorrow.Building Passes

3 Views On The Future Of Metropolitan Mobility

Toni Segarra Barreto
Toni Segarra Barreto FGC President Master of Ceremonies
Paola Rodríguez
Paola Rodríguez CENIT-UPC Researcher Moderator
Adrià Ramírez Papell
Adrià Ramírez Papell Plataforma pel Transport Públic President Speaker
Javier Ortigosa Marín
Javier Ortigosa Marín Àrea Metropolitana de Barcelona Mobility and Urban Planning coordinator Speaker
Elisabet Cirici i Amell
Elisabet Cirici i Amell INCASÒL Operations Director Speaker

#Future Mobility, #Integrated Mobility Plans, #Mobility Planning, #Public Transport, #Railway Transport, #Zero Emission

09-11-2023 10:45 09-11-2023 11:30 Europe/Madrid 3 Views On The Future Of Metropolitan Mobility

The railway has become a force that connects cities, people and opportunities for urban improvement. The session will present three unique perspectives: urban planning, the interaction between mobility and housing, and the user's point of view, to offer a comprehensive view of how the railway contributes to shaping and redefining the urban environment.

Hall 2 | Plaza: Tomorrow.Mobility
Thu 9 10:45h - 11:30h Hall 2 | Plaza: Tomorrow.Mobility