Takehiko Nagumo

Executive Managing Director | Smart City Institute Japan Tokyo, Japan
Takehiko Nagumo


Founder and Executive Managing Director, Smart City Institute Japan, the largest not-for-profit organization supporting public-private efforts for smart cities in Japan. Concurrently, Senior Managing Executive Officer at Mitsubishi UFJ Research and Consulting, Professor at Kyoto University Graduate School of Management.


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Data-Driven Smart City for Urban Well-being in Japan

Brittany Lee
Brittany Lee Eco-Business Partnerships Manager, North America Chair
Takehiko Nagumo
Takehiko Nagumo Smart City Institute Japan Executive Managing Director Speaker
Noboru Koshizuka
Noboru Koshizuka The University of Tokyo Professor of Interfaculty Initiative in Information Studies Speaker

#5G, #Advanced Digital Services, #Artificial Intelligence, #Big Data, #Data-sharing Platforms

08-11-2023 12:30 08-11-2023 12:45 Europe/Madrid Data-Driven Smart City for Urban Well-being in Japan

In this talk, we present a data-driven smart city in which the well-being of citizens in urban areas is realized in Japan. These smart cities are providing various digital services for well-being such as welfare, healthcare, safety, disaster alleviation, education support, mobility, and carbon-free activity support. These services are supported by modern digital infrastructure for smart cities such as urban OSs, data-sharing platforms, 5G/beyond 5G communication platforms, and AI platforms.

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