Stefano Borgato
Stefano Borgato Transport Planner TRT Trasporti e Territorio Milan, Italy


Stefano Borgato (Environmental and Land Planning Engineering, Urban Studies) works as Transport Planner for TRT Trasporti e Territorio. He has more than six years of experience in transport planning, research, and sustainability-related projects. His main expertise lies in research on innovative and sustainable modes of transportation, in the use of GIS for transport-related analysis, and in delivering mobility-related policy recommendations.


Save to calendar 16-11-2021 16:30 16-11-2021 18:00 Europe/Madrid Europe’s Transition to Zero Carbon Mobility

Climate emergency has led Europe to commit to a 40% reduction of its carbon emissions by 2030 and become a climate neutral continent by 2050. Mobility plays a key role in reaching these targets, while cities account for 70% of global carbon emissions. Achieving a carbon neutral urban mobility is of paramount importance, as it is assessing different strategies to make the journey affordable and ensure maximum benefits at the lowest possible cost.

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