Shelly Bengiat

CEO & Founder | Envirotech Education Gold Coast, Australia
Shelly Bengiat


Envirotech International Group, Envirotech Education and Perfect Sea NGOs Founder and Chairwoman. Designer and IP owner of the Australian Marine Habitat Conservation & Restoration (MHCR) Vocational Education and Training (VET) standards, designed to build coastal communities’ capacity in sustainable environmental blue economy job-ready skills.


Thematic Roundtable | TOMORROW.BLUE ECONOMY

The Future of Blue Economy Careers & Blue Upskilling

Carole Viaene
Carole Viaene World Ocean Council Director Barcelona HQ Chair
Shelly Bengiat
Shelly Bengiat Envirotech Education CEO & Founder Speaker
Anna Majo
Anna Majo Barcelona City Council - Barcelona Activa Director of Strategic Sectors and Innovation Speaker

#Blue Careers, #Education, #Job Market

09-11-2023 14:15 09-11-2023 15:00 Europe/Madrid The Future of Blue Economy Careers & Blue Upskilling

Are you interested in a Blue Careers? Join a talk not only about green upskilling, but about blue upskilling and job creation. What are the Blue Economy job opportunities for smart and sustainable coastal cities and what can municipalities do to accelerate and optimize blue economy job development? What is the role of innovation, entrepreneurship, and technology in creating and sustaining blue economy jobs? And how do we best address the needs and opportunities for professional training in the sustainable blue economy?

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