Seleta Reynolds

Chief Innovation Officer | Los Angeles Country Metropolitan Authority Los Angeles, United States of America
Seleta Reynolds


Now CIO & interim CPO at LA Metro, Seleta is leading a large portfolio of projects including the mobility plan for the 28 Olympic and Paralympic Games and a Universal Basic Mobility pilot. Former General Manager of LA Department of Transportation, she was responsible for 52 different business lines. Also being a founding Chair of the Board of the Open Mobility Foundation, Reynolds has over 25 years of transportation experience in both the public



Tiny Steps and Giant Leaps – Lessons Learned and a Look Ahead in Mobility Innovation

Femi Oke
Femi Oke Moderate the Panel LLC Co-founder Master of Ceremonies
Seleta Reynolds
Seleta Reynolds Los Angeles Country Metropolitan Authority Chief Innovation Officer Speaker

08-11-2023 09:45 08-11-2023 10:15 Europe/Madrid Tiny Steps and Giant Leaps – Lessons Learned and a Look Ahead in Mobility Innovation

The last 15 years, starting in 2008, have represented an unprecedented boom in transportation innovation and investment from the private markets and public sector. As we catch our breath and take stock, shared lessons learned offer a foundation for what comes next. Hope and optimism remain about mobility’s potential to ease some of our greatest challenges from climate to racial and gender inequity, but we remain at an inflection point. Innovation occurs in cycles, and our success in the next boom depends on our thoughtful examination of where we landed after the last one. From the perspective of the last 12 years in three public agencies in northern and southern California, this presentation will share a view of the outcomes and a look ahead to what is just around the corner.

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