Olivier Pairot

Product & Sales Director | EasyMile Tolouse, France
Olivier Pairot


Product & Sales Director



Autonomous Technology: Unleashing Real Value Now?

Javier Guimerá Tena
Javier Guimerá Tena Padam Mobility - A Siemens Company Head of Autonomous Vehicles BD and Operations Speaker
Olivier Pairot
Olivier Pairot EasyMile Product & Sales Director Speaker
Rebecca Marsden
Rebecca Marsden OXA VP Risk & Insurance Speaker
Guido Di Pasquale
Guido Di Pasquale Pave Europe Managing Director Speaker

#Autonomous Vehicles, #Connected Vehicles, #Intelligent Transport Systems, #On-demand Mobility, #Public Transport, #Ride-hailing, #Shared Mobility

07-11-2023 17:45 07-11-2023 18:30 Europe/Madrid Autonomous Technology: Unleashing Real Value Now?

 This session will take you on an illuminating journey through the realm of AV technology, unveiling its current impact in delivering genuine value. We'll explore how AV innovations are reshaping industries, revolutionizing user experiences, and accelerating progress. The session uncovers compelling success stories and cutting-edge advancements that showcase the tangible potential and practical applications of AV technology in the present day.

Hall 2 | Plaza: Tomorrow.Mobility
Tue 7 17:45h - 18:30h Hall 2 | Plaza: Tomorrow.Mobility