Natalia Olson Urtecho
Natalia Olson Urtecho Co-founder The Disruptive Factory Palo Alto, United States of America


Natalia Olson-Urtecho is a serial entrepreneur & expert in smart cities, economic development, commercialization of technologies, venture capital, government contracting, blockchain, mobility, public engagement and infrastructure design. She was appointed to the U.S. Innovation Advisory Board to advise Congress and the White House on competitiveness and innovation. She served in the Obama Administration as the SBA Regional Administrator


Save to calendar 16-11-2021 15:00 16-11-2021 16:00 Europe/Madrid Leveraging Emerging Technologies for Urban Challenges

Emerging technologies can be a powerful ally to address the most pressing challenges cities face: generating healthy urban spaces, promoting sustainable mobility, addressing the climate emergency, or improving the quality of life of their inhabitants. How can their potential be fully realized? What practical and ethical questions need to be considered when using them?

Congress Area - Auditorium
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