Margaret Mitchell

Researcher and Chief Ethics Scientist | Hugging Face Seattle, United States of America
Margaret Mitchell


Margaret Mitchell is a computer scientist and researcher focused on ethics-informed AI development. She has published extensively on natural language processing, assistive technology, computer vision, and AI ethics, and holds multiple patents in the areas of conversation generation and sentiment classification. She is currently Chief Ethics Scientist at Hugging Face, and previously worked at Google, Microsoft, and Johns Hopkins. She has received


Keynote Session | SMART CITY EXPO

AI in City Planning: Who’s Included and Who’s Left Out?

Femi Oke
Femi Oke Moderate the Panel LLC Co-founder Master of Ceremonies
Margaret Mitchell
Margaret Mitchell Hugging Face Researcher and Chief Ethics Scientist Speaker

#Artificial Intelligence, #Digital Rights, #Ethical Challenges, #Innovative Building Technology

08-11-2023 11:15 08-11-2023 11:45 Europe/Madrid AI in City Planning: Who’s Included and Who’s Left Out?

Using AI technology to design flourishing cities requires proactive planning, informed by the foreseeable benefits and harms of each decision. This is possible when planners clearly understand AI “under the hood”, including how AI systems are developed, and the values at play throughout the development process. Towards this goal, this talk explains the basics of ethics and machine learning, and how these can be leveraged to build inclusive and equitable cities of tomorrow.

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