Manuel Riaño

CEO | Agencia de Analítica de Datos de Bogotá (AGATA) Bogotá, Colombia
Manuel Riaño


Manuel Riaño is the CEO of Ágata: Bogota's Data Analytics Agency. Manuel contributes to the creation of public policies that use artificial intelligence to transform the city and make data-driven decisions. Previously, Manuel worked in fintechs, digital transformation companies and as an advisor and director for several public sector institutions.


Thematic Roundtable | TOMORROW.BUILDING

Boosting Vibrant Cities Through Urban Strategies

Sandy Burgoyne
Sandy Burgoyne University of Sydney, School of Architecture, Design and Planning-Smart Urbanism Lab Research Associate Chair
Anna Paskova
Anna Paskova Ministry of the Environment Director of the Department of Environmental Policy and Sustainable Development Speaker
David Tan
David Tan JTC Corporation Assistant Chief Executive Officer Speaker
Maria Buhigas
Maria Buhigas Barcelona City Council Head Architect Speaker
Manuel Riaño
Manuel Riaño Agencia de Analítica de Datos de Bogotá (AGATA) CEO Speaker
Jody Barnett
Jody Barnett Mastercard SVP, Global Lead of Public Sector Center of Excellence Speaker

#Building Management, #Built Environment, #Content Capsule, #Metropolitan Governance, #Policy-making, #Public Space, #Smart Infrastructures, #Urban Facility Management, #Urban Management, #Urban Planning

09-11-2023 10:30 09-11-2023 11:20 Europe/Madrid Boosting Vibrant Cities Through Urban Strategies

Resilient urban planning has the potential to transform communities. Through long-term building renovation strategies, data analysis, and innovative technology, urban spaces can be reshaped, revitalizing declining neighborhoods and ensuring that everyone has equal access to services. However, can building upgrades and sustainable solutions converge to create vibrant and thriving cities?

Hall 2 | Congress Room: Tomorrow.Building
Thu 9 10:30h - 11:20h Hall 2 | Congress Room: Tomorrow.Building Tomorrow.Building & Full Congress Passes