Mahel Abaab-Fournial
Mahel Abaab-Fournial Sales Strategy Director - Cities & Public Services Dassault Systèmes Paris, France


Mahel joined DASSAULT SYSTEMES in 2016 as Head of the Defense and Homeland Security business unit. In 2018, he was appointed Head of Sales over Benelux, Scandinavian countries and the United Kingdom.
Since 2020, he integrated DASSAULT SYSTEMES Cities & Public Services Industry as Global Sales Strategy Director to develop new projects worldwide.


Save to calendar 15-11-2022 16:15 15-11-2022 17:00 Europe/Madrid Disruptive Tech Empowering Digital Services

Disruptive technological breakthroughs are revolutionizing service delivery in cities. As digital twins, virtual reality and many other tools are being used for shaping urbanism and decision-making, how have these technologies disrupted urban developments and transformed cities life so far? Do cities have the sufficient skills in place to use these technologies? How to balance the impact of new digital interactions while ensuring the sustainability of the whole urban ecosystem?

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