Lea Kleinenkuhnen

Project coordinator for the H2020 RESPONSE project | City of Brussels Brussels, Belgium
Lea Kleinenkuhnen


Lea Kleinenkuhnen, City of Brussels' H2020 RESPONSE project coordinator with 9 years of EU city experience. Leads Northern District's Positive Energy transformation and partner city knowledge exchange.


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EDIC – A Game Changer For Smart Communities

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Lea Kleinenkuhnen
Lea Kleinenkuhnen City of Brussels Project coordinator for the H2020 RESPONSE project Speaker

#5G, #Blockchain, #City Platforms, #Data Integration, #Data Storage, #Digital Twins, #IOT, #Metaverse

07-11-2023 14:45 07-11-2023 15:30 Europe/Madrid EDIC – A Game Changer For Smart Communities

This session will introduce the concept of the EDIC instrument (European Digital Infrastructure Consortium) and its relevance for member states, regions, and cities’ policy development. We will hear the projects’ viewpoint, illustrated with examples, on how the EDIC can help amplify and replicate their achievements and how it can aid future projects.

Hall 2 | Plaza: Central
Tue 7 14:45h - 15:30h Hall 2 | Plaza: Central

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