Kristina Sinemus
Kristina Sinemus Minister for Digital Strategy and Development Government of Hessen Wiesbaden, Germany


Since January 18th of 2019 Prof. Kristina Sinemus has been Hessian’s first Minister for Digital Strategy and Development. Prior to that, Prof. Sinemus was the managing director and founder of the consulting agency „Genius. From 2014 to 2019 Prof. Sinemus was the first female President of a Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Hesse. In 2011, Kristina Sinemus was appointed Professor of Public Affairs at the Quadriga University in Berlin.


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Emerging technologies can be a powerful ally to address the most pressing challenges cities face: generating healthy urban spaces, promoting sustainable mobility, addressing the climate emergency, or improving the quality of life of their inhabitants. How can their potential be fully realized? What practical and ethical questions need to be considered when using them?

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Since January of 2019 and for the first time, the Germane state of Hesse has a Minister for Digital Strategy and Development, Kristina Sinemus. How did she approach the challenge of defining an inclusive strategy for the whole region? What have been the main challenges she has faced as the current pandemic drastically changed the importance of an equitable digitalization? What are the ethical challenges she expects to face in the coming years? – SCEWC Digital Channel
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