Jordi Torrent

Head of Strategy | Port of Barcelona Barcelona, Spain
Jordi Torrent


Jordi Torrent is currently Head of Strategy of the Port of Barcelona. He has developed the Port's IV Strategic Plan which has adapted the Port's strategy and objectives to the latest global and regional trade and logistics trends. He is particularly involved in the intermodal sector, and has designed and implemented initiatives, such as the development of PPP projects of inland terminals and rail services in Spain and France.



Challenges and Opportunities in Cargo Shipping and Ports: A Collaborative Discussion

Sasha Twining
Sasha Twining The Corporate Facilitator TV and Radio Presenter Master of Ceremonies
Jordi Torrent
Jordi Torrent Port of Barcelona Head of Strategy Moderator
Eric Caris
Eric Caris Port of Los Angeles Director of Cargo Marketing Speaker
Andrew Hamilton
Andrew Hamilton Vancouver Fraser Port Authority Director, Supply Chain Optimization Speaker
Sergio Marmol
Sergio Marmol Cross Staff Managing Director Speaker

08-11-2023 10:45 08-11-2023 11:30 Europe/Madrid Challenges and Opportunities in Cargo Shipping and Ports: A Collaborative Discussion

This session focuses on the significant challenges faced by cargo owners, shipping enterprises, and port authorities within the current landscape. This interactive discussion aims to delve into the complexities of these challenges and shed light on avenues for collaborative issue resolution. Join us to uncover how these key players can synergize efforts and identify shared resolutions.

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