Jordi Espín

General Secretary | Transprime Spanish Shippers' Council Barcelona, Spain
Jordi Espín


Jordi Espín is the secretary general of Transprime Spanish Shippers' Council; Director of Strategic Relations at the European Shippers' Council and member of the Executive Committee of the Global Shippers' Alliance. He is a member of the European Sustainable Shipping Forum of the EC and is a member of the National Land Transport Council.



Decarbonization Of Freight & Last Mile Deliveries

Gisèle Muñoz
Gisèle Muñoz CEL Spanish Logistics' Centre Innovation and Development Director Moderator
Jordi Espín
Jordi Espín Transprime Spanish Shippers' Council General Secretary Speaker
Joan Lluís Rubio
Joan Lluís Rubio Ader Online Marketing & Sustainability Director Speaker
Jordi Periz
Jordi Periz Veepee Transport Manager South Europe (B2B and B2C) Speaker

#Business Models, #Freight, #Last Mile Logistics, #Low Carbon Mobility, #Zero Emission

07-11-2023 15:45 07-11-2023 16:30 Europe/Madrid Decarbonization Of Freight & Last Mile Deliveries

Check and test how policy is ready to welcome and host the model to provide real decarbonization effects onto freight and last mile operations. There are challenges ahead but, are all stakeholders ready to face and accommodate them? A real decarbonization scenario may only be effective, only, if triggered from the operations reality landscape

Hall 2 | Plaza: Tomorrow.Mobility
Tue 7 15:45h - 16:30h Hall 2 | Plaza: Tomorrow.Mobility