Jordi Duran

Sales Developer | Upandbike IC Mollerussa, Spain
Jordi Duran


Sales Developer



Cities 360°: Spanish Sustainable Mobility and Urban Well-Being Solutions

Albert Mira
Albert Mira Amec Positive Industry Amec Urbis Business Unit Director Master of Ceremonies
Ángel J Martín Fernández
Ángel J Martín Fernández Lector Vision Director of Business Development Speaker
Andrea Carandell
Andrea Carandell Benito Urban CEO Speaker
Josep M. Torras
Josep M. Torras Urbiotica CEO Speaker
Jordi Duran
Jordi Duran Upandbike IC Sales Developer Speaker
Lorenzo Bella
Lorenzo Bella Evcharge Head of Business Unit Speaker

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08-11-2023 13:40 08-11-2023 14:25 Europe/Madrid Cities 360°: Spanish Sustainable Mobility and Urban Well-Being Solutions

Explore the most innovative Spanish solutions for smart cities by amec urbis companies. Come to this unique event where the following leading Spanish companies will share knowledge and experiences to promote smart and responsible urban development: - LECTOR VISION: Applications of computer vision for smart cities and sustainable mobility by Ángel J Martín Fernández, Director of Business Development. - BENITO URBAN: Real solutions for the smart urbanism by Andrea Carandell, CEO. - URBIOTICA: Solutions for the digitalization of the curbside management by Josep M. Torras, CEO. - UPANDBIKE IC: Automatic and smart solutions for safe bike parking by Jordi Duran, Sales Developer. - EVCHARGE: Promoting sustainable mobility: Integration of charging points in cities with electric carsharing. Success story of El Prat del Llobregat (Barcelona) by Lorenzo Bella, Head of Business Unit.

Hall 2 | Plaza: Central
Wed 8 13:40h - 14:25h Hall 2 | Plaza: Central