Johnson Huang

Managing Director and project leader | Advmeds Taiwan, Chinese Taipei
Johnson Huang


Johnson Huang, co-founder of AdvMeds and Managing Director, excels in smart health tech and AIoT, emphasizing large-scale Health IT infrastructure. The Kaohsiung Health City 3.0 project shifts from traditional public health to a digitalized approach, integrating IoT devices, linking data across 250 medical institutions, and applying data and AI models to enhance care services in pursuit of smart health governance.


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Communities Re-envisioning the Cities of the Future

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#Citizen Engagement, #Cross-sector Governance, #Participatory Schemes, #Policy-making, #Public-private partnership

09-11-2023 10:30 09-11-2023 11:20 Europe/Madrid Communities Re-envisioning the Cities of the Future

How are communities reshaping urban landscapes? Cities are adopting collaborative governance models, such as participatory budgeting and co-creation initiatives, to enhance citizen engagement. This involvement in policymaking and city-building holds transformative potential, essential for creating inclusive, sustainable, and responsive urban environments.

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