Joan Cabezas

CEO | Nactiva Barcelona, Spain
Joan Cabezas


Co-founder and CEO of Nactiva, a collective platform that connects stakeholders to foster the development and execution of projects and businesses focused on activating natural capital in the Mediterranean. Nactiva specializes in designing, expediting, and seeking funding for projects with the goal of creating ecological, social and economic impact


Thematic Roundtable | TOMORROW.BLUE ECONOMY

Funding Ocean Futures

Carlos Esteban
Carlos Esteban Faber Partner Chair
Noam Javits
Noam Javits Keren-yam Managing General Partner Speaker
Daniel Cordeiro
Daniel Cordeiro Banc Sabadell Deputy General Manager Strategy & Planning ESG division Speaker
Joan Cabezas
Joan Cabezas Nactiva CEO Speaker

#Blockchain, #Blue Finance, #Impact, #Investments

07-11-2023 13:40 07-11-2023 14:25 Europe/Madrid Funding Ocean Futures

We will talk about how to get more investors support blue economy projects. What innovative financing models show promise in supporting ocean-related projects and industries? How can we attract more impact investors to contribute to projects aimed at ocean conservation and blue economy development? And in what ways can technological advancements, such as blockchain, enhance transparency and accountability in ocean-focused funding efforts?

Hall 2 | Plaza: Tomorrow.BlueEconomy
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