Jaromir Beranek
Jaromir Beranek Chairman of the IT and Smart City Committee City of Prague Prague, Czech Republic


Jaromir holds degrees in Management and Law from universities in Prague, Cologne and Fort Lauderdale. Experienced as a finance and portfolio manager from the startup world, he was elected for the Prague City Assembly in 2018. As the Chairman of the IT and Smart City Committee, he focuses on Smart City projects, advanced technologies, and innovation, and seeks to develop new partnerships. Jaromir is a proponent of clean mobility, AI and open data


Save to calendar 16-11-2021 12:30 16-11-2021 14:00 Europe/Madrid Clean Technologies for Sustainable Urban Services

Cities are large centers of natural resources consumption and generate significant environmental impact. Hence the importance of ensuring highly-efficient resource management models, especially with regard to energy, water and waste management. All of this contributes positively towards tackling the climate emergency and turns cities into better places to live. How do clean technologies contribute to making urban services more sustainable?

Congress Area – SCEWC Room
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