Jacqueline Lu

President and Co-Founder | Helpful Places Toronto, Canada
Jacqueline Lu


Jacqueline leads Helpful Places, a mission-driven start-up advancing DTPR, an open-source system-to-people communication standard that aims to increase legibility and support civic dialogue on the use of digital technologies in the built environment.


Thematic Roundtable | SMART CITY EXPO

Securing Cities Ahead of Cyberthreats

Jennifer Sanders
Jennifer Sanders North Texas Innovation Alliance Executive Director Speaker
Jacqueline Lu
Jacqueline Lu Helpful Places President and Co-Founder Speaker
Zoe Eather
Zoe Eather My Smart Community Speaker

#Content Capsule, #Critical Infrastructures, #Cybersecurity, #Data Protection, #Data Security and Safety, #Digital Rights, #Fraud Detection, #Phishing

07-11-2023 15:45 07-11-2023 16:30 Europe/Madrid Securing Cities Ahead of Cyberthreats

How can urban centers fortify the future of our interconnected world? In the face of ever-increasing cyber threats, cities are taking decisive action to enhance readiness, responsiveness, and resilience. Through the implementation of secure-by-design principles, cybersecurity awareness, and enhanced collaboration, governance strategies are shaping the fortification of digital ecosystems. Empowering cities means safeguarding our digital future.

Hall 1 | Red Room
Tue 7 15:45h - 16:30h Hall 1 | Red Room Full Congress Pass