Iolanda Triviño

CEO | Institute for Futures Barcelona , Spain
Iolanda Triviño


Founder & CEO Valkiria Hub Space & IFF- Institute For Futures and Valkiria Hub Space. Talent designer and Community Builder. Futurist and transformational speaker/


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Reimagining Smart Cities – Boosting Innocities and Scaling Startup Ecosystems

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Miquel Barceló Fractalogy Consulting President Moderator
Iolanda Triviño
Iolanda Triviño Institute for Futures CEO Speaker
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Julie Wagner The Global Institute on Innovation Districts President Speaker
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#City-to-city Cooperation, #Global Cities, #Innovation Ecosystems, #International Projection, #Internationalisation Strategies, #Investment models, #Start-ups, #Talent Attraction

07-11-2023 11:30 07-11-2023 12:15 Europe/Madrid Reimagining Smart Cities – Boosting Innocities and Scaling Startup Ecosystems

Panel Description: Reimagining Smart Cities - Boosting Innocities and Scaling Startup Ecosystems Join us as we embark on a visionary exploration of Smart Cities, redefining the concept of Innocities and their boundless potential to catalyze the growth of startup and business ecosystems. This visionary model envisions a holistic urban system where the private sector/corporates (focusing on key verticals), the public sector (institutions, platforms, and associations), the knowledge sector (universities and educational partners), and engaged citizens converge, synergizing their efforts towards social and sustainable impact. Key Panel Highlights: 1. The Model: Unpacking Strategies and Objectives of an Innovation District · Delve into the intricacies of Innovation Districts, exploring their strategies, objectives, and transformative potential. 2. Urban Planning: Crafting Sustainable and Creative Cities · Explore innovative urban planning approaches that foster sustainability, creativity, and inclusivity in our cities. 3. Hall 1 | Plaza: Innovation

Tue 7 11:30h - 12:15h Hall 1 | Plaza: Innovation

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