Ignacio Tornos

Industrial products & Manufacturing Director | Aggity Europe Barcelona, Spain
Ignacio Tornos


Ignacio has held several positions in Supply Chain Management and Improvement in multinational companies like BP Solar or Lucent Technologies. He has worked improving the supply chain processes in Europe, USA, and Latinamerica. As operations manager he has developed and implemented innovative processes to optimize the performance of transportation.



Driving Sustainable and Intelligent Maritime Transport

Sasha Twining
Sasha Twining The Corporate Facilitator TV and Radio Presenter Master of Ceremonies
Miquel De la Mano
Miquel De la Mano BCN Port Innovation Technical Director Moderator
Pieter Vandermeeren
Pieter Vandermeeren Port of Antwerp-Bruges Green Port Master Planner Speaker
Ignacio Tornos
Ignacio Tornos Aggity Europe Industrial products & Manufacturing Director Speaker
Chin Yong Koh
Chin Yong Koh Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore CIO & Director (Digital and Cybersecurity) Speaker
Malin Collin
Malin Collin Port of Gothenburg Deputy CEO & Vice President Strategy and Innovation Speaker
Simon Savard
Simon Savard Port of Montreal Analyst, Business Intelligence and Innovation Speaker

08-11-2023 11:30 08-11-2023 12:15 Europe/Madrid Driving Sustainable and Intelligent Maritime Transport

In the face of growing environmental concerns and the need for greater efficiency, the maritime industry is undergoing a transformative shift towards sustainable and intelligent transport solutions. This session will delve into the latest advancements in technology and practices that contribute to sustainable and intelligent maritime transport. Join industry experts as they discuss innovative technologies, alternative fuels, and digitalization's role in optimizing efficiency and reducing environmental impact. Discover collaborative initiatives and regulatory frameworks driving change in the maritime industry.

Hall 2 | Plaza: Tomorrow.BlueEconomy
Wed 8 11:30h - 12:15h Hall 2 | Plaza: Tomorrow.BlueEconomy All Passes