Ide Vandenbroucke

Smart City Coördinator | Stad Brugge Bruges, Belgium
Ide Vandenbroucke


As a Smart City coordinator, Ide Vandenbroucke is responsible for developing the Smart City strategy for the city of Bruges. Working alongside various city departments, she explores intelligent solutions for processes, manages smart projects, and supports policy development regarding new technologies.



Data as the Game Changer for Decision-Making

Gesa Ziemer
Gesa Ziemer HafenCity Universität Hamburg Director City Science Lab Chair
Tariq Khan
Tariq Khan London Borough of Camden Chief Digital and Information Officer Speaker
Tatsuo Igarashi
Tatsuo Igarashi Tsukuba City Mayor Speaker
Ide Vandenbroucke
Ide Vandenbroucke Stad Brugge Smart City Coördinator Speaker
Denis Hameau
Denis Hameau City of Dijon Deputy Mayor Speaker

#Big Data, #Content Capsule, #Data Analytics, #Data Integration, #Data Lake, #Data Management, #Data Storage

07-11-2023 13:20 07-11-2023 14:10 Europe/Madrid Data as the Game Changer for Decision-Making

Data-driven urban policies and decision-making are revolutionizing cities. With the transformative potential of data analytics, integration, and management, cities can optimize services, enhance urban planning, and improve resource management. Embracing open data initiatives can foster transparency and public engagement in urban governance. How can data management be implemented efficiently and ethically to create significant value for cities?

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