Hugo Furtado

CEO | Dreamwaves Vienna, Austria
Hugo Furtado


Hugo in an electrical engineer with a PhD in Augmented Reality for cardiac surgery. Combined with his passion for sound engineering, he founded Dreamwaves to use augmented reality audio to help blind people have a better life. He feels that social entrepreneurship is the perfect balance between wider community impact and personal development.



Empowering Allyship: Practical Tips for Supporting Women Entrepreneurs

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Hugo Furtado
Hugo Furtado Dreamwaves CEO Speaker

#Future of Work, #Future Skills, #Gender Equality, #Social Inclusion, #Utopia

08-11-2023 16:15 08-11-2023 17:00 Europe/Madrid Empowering Allyship: Practical Tips for Supporting Women Entrepreneurs

Uncover practical tips to be an effective ally to women entrepreneurs and foster an inclusive environment for their success. We will share strategies to empower investors, entrepreneurs, and accelerator leaders to support women and dismantle biases in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Join us for a more equitable and prosperous future.

Hall 1 | Plaza: Innovation
Wed 8 16:15h - 17:00h Hall 1 | Plaza: Innovation