Hongwei Song

CEO | Fonda Technology China
Hongwei Song


High-Level Roundtable | SMART CITY EXPO

Digital Technology Empowering New Scenarios in Smart City Construction

Yanjun Shen
Yanjun Shen World Urban Planning Education Network Deputy director Chair
Hongwei Song
Hongwei Song Fonda Technology CEO Speaker
Hongming Zhao
Hongming Zhao Zhejiang Supcon Information President Speaker
Simon Lai
Simon Lai Maxvision Technology Corp. Vice President Speaker

#Data Strategies, #Deep Learning, #Digital Tools, #Smart Environments

07-11-2023 17:50 07-11-2023 18:10 Europe/Madrid Digital Technology Empowering New Scenarios in Smart City Construction

The roundtable will showcase representatives from prominent technology companies as they shed light on digital technology's transformative role in shaping future urban landscapes. Our esteemed guests will discuss how digital technology empowers the creation of dynamic urban scenarios, redefining the possibilities for our cities. Join this exciting conversation to gain insights into the digital solutions revolutionizing urban environments, making them smarter and more adaptable than ever before.

Hall 1 | Auditorium
Tue 7 17:50h - 18:10h Hall 1 | Auditorium Full Congress & Tomorrow.Mobility & Tomorrow.Building Passes

Enabling The Urban New Mobility

Xueming Jiang
Xueming Jiang Industry and Information Technology Bureau of Shenzhen Longhua District Secretary Speaker
Hongwei Song
Hongwei Song Fonda Technology CEO Speaker
Chen Ju
Chen Ju Shanghai Lianlian Ruike Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager Speaker
Chenzhi Zhu
Chenzhi Zhu Dahua Iberia, S.L. CEO Speaker
Ji Zhang
Ji Zhang Shanghai Westwell Technology Co., Ltd Regional Director Spain & Latam Speaker

08-11-2023 17:15 08-11-2023 18:00 Europe/Madrid Enabling The Urban New Mobility

 Sharing insights and experiences of Chinese companies in areas such as urban and global transportation infrastructure, artificial intelligence, big data applications, smart mobility, autonomous driving, electric vehicles and charging stations, sustainable development, and low-carbon emissions in transportation.

Hall 2 | Plaza: Tomorrow.Mobility
Wed 8 17:15h - 18:00h Hall 2 | Plaza: Tomorrow.Mobility