Gregory Carmona

General Manager | Moventis Pays de Montbéliard, France
Gregory Carmona


General Manager in Moventis Pays de Montbeliard, an integrated mobility company which operates urban buses, GNV BRT, school buses, transport on demand and an electrical bicycle renting system. Consulting for private company and publics administrations.



The Role Of Operator In A Multi-Modal Concession

Gregory Carmona
Gregory Carmona Moventis General Manager Speaker

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08-11-2023 18:15 08-11-2023 18:45 Europe/Madrid The Role Of Operator In A Multi-Modal Concession

Many cities today are dealing with multiple systems that have sprung up independently without any kind of coordination whatsoever. In countries such as France, mobility management contracts are increasingly more often combining several different means of transportation under a single contract. This is the case of the public service in Montbéliard, where Moventis operates all available means of transportation.

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