Giovanna Carnevali

Executive Director, Master Planning | Roshn Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Giovanna Carnevali


Executive Director Urban Planning ROSHN Group PHD cum Laude in Urban Planning Expertise in masterplan, architecture, and project visioning Fmw. Executive Director Urban Planning NEOM Fmw. Director Mies van der Rohe Foundation Expert European Commission DC Culture for Architecture Visiting professor at TU Delft.



The Ultimate Transition to Renewables

Maíta Fernández-Armesto
Maíta Fernández-Armesto Barcelona City Council Deputy Manager Urban Ecology Chair
Aurelio Muñoz
Aurelio Muñoz SENER Business Development Director Speaker
Aditya Kumar
Aditya Kumar Honeywell Building Technologies Director Product Management Speaker
Giovanna Carnevali
Giovanna Carnevali Roshn Executive Director, Master Planning Speaker
Teodora Kaneva
Teodora Kaneva TechUK Head of Smart Infrastructure and Systems Speaker

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08-11-2023 11:25 08-11-2023 12:10 Europe/Madrid The Ultimate Transition to Renewables

Can urban expansion align with global sustainability goals? Cities are transforming their energy models to face the challenge of reducing their carbon footprint while accommodating continuous growth. From Smart Grids to clean hydrogen, innovative solutions are paving the way to a greener future. Yet, the journey to secure a steady and reliable power supply while driving the clean energy revolution forward comes with its share of challenges.

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