Francis Zoet

COO and Co-founder | The Great Bubble Barrier Amsterdam, Netherlands
Francis Zoet


Alerted by the amount of pollution she came across while sailing, Francis co-developed a solution to clean the full water column of a waterway from plastic waste, using air bubbles. As COO at The Great Bubble Barrier, she oversees finances and implementation projects of Bubble Barriers, ensuring efficient deployment of Bubble Barriers.


Thematic Roundtable | SMART CITY EXPO

A Radical Shift Towards Urban Circularity

Raül Daussà Pastor
Raül Daussà Pastor Anteverti Consulting Director Chair
Alessandra de Albuquerque Reis
Alessandra de Albuquerque Reis Curitiba Agency for Development Smart Cities Coordinator Speaker
Francis Zoet
Francis Zoet The Great Bubble Barrier COO and Co-founder Speaker
Chiara Foglietta
Chiara Foglietta Municipality of Turin Deputy Mayor for Ecological and Digital Transition, Innovation, Mobility and Transport Speaker
Ivan Thung
Ivan Thung Circular Buildings Coalition / Metabolic Lead Speaker

#Circular Economy, #Recycling, #Regenerative by design, #Urban Services, #Waste Management, #Zero Waste

09-11-2023 10:55 09-11-2023 11:40 Europe/Madrid A Radical Shift Towards Urban Circularity

Urban centers are leading the way in embracing the circular economy, an approach that emphasizes resource efficiency and waste repurposing. By redesigning, reducing, reusing, and recycling, cities can achieve a balance between economic growth and sustainability. But how can circular practices be seamlessly integrated into the urban fabric? What strategies can cities adopt to minimize consumption while maximizing resource utilization?

Hall 2 | Congress Room: Green
Thu 9 10:55h - 11:40h Hall 2 | Congress Room: Green Full Congress Pass