Cristina Garrido
Cristina Garrido Deputy Curator - Director Innovation & Strategy Smart City Expo World Congress - Events Abroad and Anteverti Barcelona, Spain


Cristina Garrido is Director of Innovation & Strategy at Anteverti. She is also Deputy Curator of the Smart World Expo World Congress, and Founding Director of She is an international Keynote speaker with more than 18 years of experience working with cities and international organizations in strategic sustainable development.


Save to calendar 15-11-2022 17:30 15-11-2022 18:25 Europe/Madrid Are Smart Cities Putting Safety First?

As cities expand in size and population, and in a context where digital and physical threats continue to increase, the demand for responsive safety and security in cities, from a holistic and people-centric perspective, grows. How can city governments respond to safety and security challenges in a tailored manner that directly improves people’s lives? How to establish flexible and resilient enough systems so that they can rapidly adapt to hazards and new dangers?

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