Constant Alarcon

Senior Manager, Clean Energy | C40 Cities London, United Kingdom
Constant Alarcon


Constant is a Senior Manager for Clean Energy at C40, a network of megacities taking bold climate action and leading the way towards a healthier and more sustainable future. In this role, he supports cities to plan and implement ambitious actions to decarbonise electricity and energy for heating and cooling, in line with their climate action plans.



24/7 Carbon Free Approach for Cities to Accelerate the Energy Transition

Irene Skoula
Irene Skoula C40 Cities Director, Energy & Buildings Chair
Constant Alarcon
Constant Alarcon C40 Cities Senior Manager, Clean Energy Chair
Anna Williams
Anna Williams Google Solutions Lead, Environmental insights Explorer, Speaker
Isabelle Debricon
Isabelle Debricon City of Paris Deputy Head of the Energy Office Speaker
Sbu Ntshalintshali
Sbu Ntshalintshali eThekwini Municipality Energy Manager Speaker
Christian Gaarde Nielsen
Christian Gaarde Nielsen Solutions Lab Team Leader, Copenhagen Speaker

08-11-2023 15:45 08-11-2023 16:45 Europe/Madrid 24/7 Carbon Free Approach for Cities to Accelerate the Energy Transition

Cities are central to the energy systems of the future, built on decentralised, decarbonised and flexible sources. As consumers become producers and electricity becomes fully integrated through digital technologies, what is the role that cities can play in supporting a clean energy transition? This session will discuss how a 24/7 Carbon Free Approach can support cities in meeting their clean energy targets, by bringing together pilot cities like London, Copenhagen, Paris, and Thekwini to share insights on a carbon-free future.

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