Brittany Lee
Brittany Lee Product Manager, Smart Buildings IoT Rogers Communications Toronto, Canada


Brittany is currently a Product Manager of Smart Buildings, Internet of Things at Rogers Communications. She has experience applying technology to real estate through a business lens in private, public, and non-for-profit sectors across diverse verticals from sales to finance.


Save to calendar 16-11-2022 17:25 16-11-2022 18:10 Europe/Madrid Hitting Green Goals Through Zero-Emission Buildings

Infrastructure innovations, such as sponge cities and zero emission buildings, have the potential of drastically lowering the environmental impact of metropolises, accelerating the mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions. In a world where decarbonization is more pressing than ever, how can public space and green infrastructure combine into attaining greener cities? Are zero emission buildings an upcoming affordable reality or a costly far-fetched possibility?

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