Birgit Liodden

Founder & CEO | The Ocean Opportunity Lab (TOOL) Oslo, Norway
Birgit Liodden


Birgit is a self-made entrepreneur with, currently building TOOL, a global digital community connecting ocean entrepreneurs with established industry resources. Board member of TECO 2030, Kuniko, Aqua Bio Technology, Bellona Foundation and Arab Norwegian Chamber of Commerce. Global 100 Influential People of Shipping 2022.


Thematic Roundtable | TOMORROW.BLUE ECONOMY

Accelerating Ocean Solutions with a Global Blue Economy Innovation Alliance

Paul Holthus
Paul Holthus World Ocean Council CEO & President Chair
Ann Carpenter
Ann Carpenter Braid Theory Co-founder & CEO Speaker
Rick Wall
Rick Wall Oceanovation Founder Speaker
Nir Gartzman
Nir Gartzman The Dock Co-Founder & Managing Partner Speaker
Birgit Liodden
Birgit Liodden The Ocean Opportunity Lab (TOOL) Founder & CEO Speaker
Ignasi Ferrer Pellicer
Ignasi Ferrer Pellicer Ocean Ecostructures Executive President Speaker

09-11-2023 12:25 09-11-2023 13:10 Europe/Madrid Accelerating Ocean Solutions with a Global Blue Economy Innovation Alliance

The world urgently needs impactful blue economy solutions, both local and scalable ones. How can collaborative networks accelerate innovative solutions within the blue economy and what are the challenges of scaling up blue economy start-ups? How is impact being measured, communicated and invested in? Come and listen to the global alliance BEGIN – the Blue Economy Innovation Network.

Hall 2 | Plaza: Tomorrow.BlueEconomy
Thu 9 12:25h - 13:10h Hall 2 | Plaza: Tomorrow.BlueEconomy All Passes