Anna Matamala

Director | Xarxa AccessCat Bellaterra, Spain
Anna Matamala


Full Professor at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) and Director of AccessCat Network (Accessibility Innovation Network of Catalonia). Main Researcher of TransMedia Catalonia (audiovisual translation and media accessibility research group). Currently involved in the European project Mediaverse.


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Accessible Communication in the Cities and the Citiverse

John Biggs
John Biggs Baker Hall Capital Founder Master of Ceremonies
Anna Matamala
Anna Matamala Xarxa AccessCat Director Speaker

#Ageing Populations, #Cities for All, #Digital Divide, #Leisure, #Social Inclusion

09-11-2023 12:45 09-11-2023 12:55 Europe/Madrid Accessible Communication in the Cities and the Citiverse

The concept of accessible cities has often been linked to physical accessibility, but user needs are wider. Information and communication accessibility are key to leave nobody behind, regardless of age, language or capabilities. AccessCat research groups offer solutions to overcome accessibility challenges in smart cities, and in the metaverse.

Hall 1 | Plaza: Innovation
Thu 9 12:45h - 12:55h Hall 1 | Plaza: Innovation