Adam Savitz

Senior Partner, Sustainability | Wipro London, United Kingdom
Adam Savitz


Adam Savitz is a Senior Sustainability Partner at Wipro, with 20 years of experience inspiring CEOs and businesses across sectors, to design, build and execute pioneering sustainability strategies.



Innovation in the Race Towards Net-Zero

Diego Hernández Raab
Diego Hernández Raab ArchDaily Creative Director Chair
Anders Almgren
Anders Almgren City of Lund Mayor Speaker
Laura Dieguez
Laura Dieguez Data Competence Center for Cities and Regions DKSR Consultant Data Strategies Speaker
David Jenkins
David Jenkins IPWEA CEO Speaker
Seheun Kim
Seheun Kim Samsung C&T Head of Global Business Strategy, Vice President Speaker
Adam Savitz
Adam Savitz Wipro Senior Partner, Sustainability Speaker

#Decarbonisation, #Decarbonized Infrastructure, #Green Buildings, #Net zero carbon building, #Sustainable built environment

07-11-2023 13:55 07-11-2023 14:40 Europe/Madrid Innovation in the Race Towards Net-Zero

Cities are envisioning a transformative future, where innovation seamlessly integrates with sustainable practices. Yet, finding the equilibrium between nurturing innovation and crafting a sustainable built environment, complete with decarbonized infrastructure and green building initiatives, presents challenges. Can the vision of net-zero cities materialize in this intricate landscape?

Hall 2 | Congress Room: Tomorrow.Building
Tue 7 13:55h - 14:40h Hall 2 | Congress Room: Tomorrow.Building Tomorrow.Building & Full Congress Passes
Burning Debate | SMART CITY EXPO

Sustainable Airports

Maíta Fernández-Armesto
Maíta Fernández-Armesto Barcelona City Council Deputy Manager Urban Ecology Chair
Adam Savitz
Adam Savitz Wipro Senior Partner, Sustainability Speaker
Ashish Khare
Ashish Khare Wipro General Manager and Global Head – IOT, 5G, Edge and Smart Cities Speaker

08-11-2023 11:00 08-11-2023 11:15 Europe/Madrid Sustainable Airports

Join us for a discussion on the impact of sustainable airports within the smart city context. We’ll briefly touch on compelling use cases highlighting the airport industry’s approach to experience design, green technology, adaptation, and resiliency in providing essential, sustainable, and safe services to passengers and employees. We will also discuss how these services have become increasingly important as climate change is resulting in more adverse weather events, which already impact flights and, therefore, passenger delays, discomfort, and airport infrastructure.

Hall 2 | Congress Room: Green
Wed 8 11:00h - 11:15h Hall 2 | Congress Room: Green Full Congress Pass