The most disruptive and sustainable construction meets at Tomorrow.Building World Congress

Showcasing the most groundbreaking projects to promote innovative and sustainable construction. This is the main goal of Tomorrow.Building World Congress (TBWC), an event featuring leading companies in the transformation of the sector, as well as startups with innovative initiatives. In addition, TBWC also aims to promote debate on the future of the sector with a hundred experts who will address its challenges in decarbonisation, digitalisation and sustainable urban development.

The event, held within the framework of Smart City Expo World Congress, will gather from November 7 – 9 some 50 companies characterised by their disruptive spirit and their firm commitment to sustainability to transform the construction sector.

These include major international companies such as Samsung C&T Corporation and Siemens, leaders in the development of smart cities; Samoo Architects & Engineers, a Korean architecture firm with sustainable and efficient designs worldwide, as well as CBRE, Drees&Sommer, Johnson Controls, Roshn Group and SPIE. There will also be room for companies with innovative projects such as Bioo, which has developed an initiative to produce electricity through plant photosynthesis.

The director of Tomorrow.Building World Congress, Ione Ruete, pointed out that “we have managed to bring together major companies of international relevance to promote business opportunities and open doors to new markets, as well as to publicise new technological advances for more efficient, circular and sustainable industrialised and modular construction”. She added that “in this sense, the profile of the visitors is one of high decision-making and purchasing power in the real estate segment and infrastructure construction companies from all over the world”.

Technology and decarbonisation

The event also aims to promote knowledge and debate in the sector on issues such as design technology, green districts, decarbonisation and PropTech, as well as issues of today’s and tomorrow’s cities, such as access to affordable and sustainable housing, urban readiness to welcome refugees and the acceleration of the energy transition.

To this end, the congress programme will feature a hundred experts including, among others, Nate Blecharczyk, Co-founder and Director of Strategy of Airbnb; Lebanese architect and specialist in Artificial Intelligence, Chantal Matar; Peter Körte, Director of Technology at Siemens; Peggy Deamer, Professor Emeritus at the Yale School of Architecture and Founder of The Architecture Lobby; Natalia Oliver, architect and specialist in BIM; and Piero Pelizzaro, Director of the National Hub for the Regeneration of Public buildings and expert in climate change policies.

In addition, FC Barcelona will present the latest details of the construction project of the new Spotify Camp Nou and its initiative for the renovation of its urban environment, Espai Barça.

Tomorrow.Building, together with Tomorrow.Mobility and Tomorrow.Blue Economy, is part of the Smart City Expo World Congress 2023, the world’s largest event on cities and urban innovation, which this year will feature more than 1,000 exhibitors and is expected to attract more than 25,000 professional visitors and representatives from more than 800 cities and 140 countries.