Turn potential clients into business opportunities with our contact manager

What is
Lead Retrieval?

Tired of sorting through business cards?

With Lead Retrieval you can scan, follow up and get detailed information on visitors to your stand, converting them into potential clients.


Scan your visitor's pass

Use the Lead Retrieval app to scan your visitors' passes and get detailed information on their profiles. Check and update their contact details: name, company, position, email address, etc.


Communicate with your contacts

The scanned information will be transferred automatically in the system, in real time, so you can instantly manage your potential clients and contact them efficiently.


Manage your potential clients

Views stats on your contacts and create reports based on different filters. On the internet you can also get contact stats and export them in an Excel file.

How Lead Retrieval works

A single tool for capturing and managing contacts

The Lead Retrieval consists of two components:

Mobile scanner

This scans the passes of visitors to the event and turns them into potential contacts. All the information on the scanned contacts is transferred in real time to the cloud, which is accessed via the web portal.

Web portal

This contains the database for your contact management, providing statistics, creating reports using different filters and exporting data in Excel files.


Rent as many devices as you need to cover your requirements

The rental of Lead Retrieval includes:

Access to the online Web Portal

Rental of the mobile scanner (a mobile Android device with 4G data connectivity during the whole event, a mobile charger, and the Lead Retrieval app)

Customer service during the event in person at the exhibitor's stand

Delivery of the Lead Retrieval mobile scanner before the event and collection on the last day (contact us to arrange a time)

Customer service before, during and after the event by email and telephone

We offer discounts on volume rentals!

Event price

  • 1 Scanner: 350 €
  • 3 Scanner pack: 975 €
  • 5 Scanner pack: 1500 €
  • 10 Scanner pack*: 2500 €
Place your order in AEX (the Exhibitor Area of Fira, eCommerce) or contact us at leadretrieval@firabarcelona.com.

Where and how to get Lead Retrieval

How to start using Lead Retrieval, step by step


Register for the show

Register for the show and rent your mobile scanner. Once you have it, you will be given a Company Code for accessing the Lead Retrieval scanner.


Delivery of your scanner

Contact us to arrange the delivery of your scanner directly to your stand before the event.


Starting a

Start the Lead Retrieval session by entering your Company Code to start scanning contacts.


Access the web portal

Log on to the platform and manage your contacts with the administrator username.

Check out all the information and features of Lead Retrieval

Don't have Lead Retrieval yet?

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If you already have Lead Retrieval…

Log in to your personal space and start managing your contacts

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Contact us by phone or email, or take a look at our FAQs.

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