Share ideas and get inspired at the World Congress

Join us at the world's leading smart city congress, where over 300 of the most innovative and influential smart city thinkers will gather together to share knowledge, present visions and highlight opportunities on how we will create efficient, economically viable, sustainable and livable cities.


Confirmed Keynotes

This year's Smart City Community Thought Leaders include:

Confirmed keynotes

This year's Smart City Community Thought Leaders include

  • Beth Simone Noveck

    Founder & Director of The Governance Lab, NY.

    Smart Citizens, Smarter Cities

  • Edward Glaeser

    Professor of Economics, Harvard University. Urban Economist.

    The Genius of Cities

  • Pankaj Ghemawat

    Global Prof. of Management and Strategy - IESE & Stern School of Business


    Global Cities: A new approach – and applications

  • Juliana Rotich

    Executive Director of Ushahidi Inc.

    Innovation, opportunity and Possibility: Platforms, Community and Technology

Congress tracks

A new integrated urban agenda

  • Technology

    Services integration, sensors, cloud, apps, geo information, data analysis.

  • Society

    Social innovation, livable cities, collaboration, social well-being, sharing services.

  • Governance

    Open government, open data, new public-private collaboration frameworks, innovation netwoks.

  • Sustainability

    Urban growth, zero carbon & green buildings, urban regeneration, energy efficiency.

  • Mobility

    Integrate, apps, technologies, public transport, pedestrians, electric vehicles.

  • Innovation & Startups by 4YFN

    Startups, new key players for Urban Innovation.

  • BcnRail Congress

    The new edition of BcnRail Congress aims to provide a platform to present and discuss new technologies and successful solutions, which several countries have implemented under this concept, Smart Mobility.

  • Circular Economy

    Circular Economy is turning the way we make, use and dispose our resources on it's head by maximising usage and value and then reusing the materials when they can no longer provide the function intended.

Projected program

Inspiring. Informative. Insightful.

  • 4 Keynote Speakers
  • 7 Plenary Sessions
  • 43 Parallel Sessions
  • 4 Workshops


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