Call for
Awards 2016

Participate in the 6th edition of the World Smart City Awards.


In 2015 with 14,288 attendees and 421 speakers from 568 cities, the Smart City Expo World Congress (SCEWC) reaffirmed itself as the world's leading event for smart cities.
In order to identify cities, projects and innovative ideas in line with nurturing sustainable urban development, the World Smart City Awards were established, and each year hundreds of proposals are received from key smart city players from around the globe.

The aim of these prestigious awards is to recognize, promote and support innovative solutions or strategies that can potentially change citizen's lives by increasing efficiency, generating business and improving quality of life.

Who can participate?

Cities, companies, entrepreneurs and startups, social innovators, research centers, universities, public and private organizations and consortiums are welcome to submit projects and initiatives that cover one of this year's tracks: Governance, Economy, Mobility, Society, Sustainability, Data & Technology and Circular Economy.

There are three categories for the World Smart City Awards:

City Award
Cities that demonstrate established strategies, initiatives and policies developed for its citizens.

Project Award
For implemented projects that are already benefitting inhabitants in a specific smart city area.

Innovative Global South Award
Jointly organized with the General Assembly of Partners for Habitat III, this new prize considers innovative ideas that address pressing global challenges located in the Global South (Asia, Africa and Latin America).

Sept 7th 2016
23:59:59 CET (UTC+1)


Don't miss the opportunity to gain global recognition!

The winners will be announced at the World Smart City Awards Ceremony, to be held on 16th November, 2016
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