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Thursday 17
Save to calendar 17-11-2022 10:05 17-11-2022 10:20 Europe/Madrid Opening

What are the efforts of Barcelona to boost the Blue Economy? How can we envision the positioning of the city in the short and long run? During this Opening Session, we will hear about the initiatives and experiences Barcelona has been leading since 2021.

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Save to calendar 17-11-2022 10:20 17-11-2022 11:05 Europe/Madrid America’s Cup Spearheading Innovation and Sustainability

The America’s Cup is not only a sailing competition but a driver of technological and sustainable innovation. Barcelona will host what is described as the most innovative edition. After the implementation of foils to improve light wind performance and the use of Artificial Intelligence for design, now America’s Cup is committed to hydrogen to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels. This dialogue will showcase the shift America’s Cup is undertaking, setting a new paradigm for the industry while pushing the boundaries for engineering, design and sustainability.

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Save to calendar 17-11-2022 11:05 17-11-2022 11:45 Europe/Madrid New Technologies and Tools for the Marine Ecosystem

The implementation of new technologies, tools and scientific research in the marine ecosystem and coasts can help us maintain the well-being of the areas. Tracking contamination in the sea, monitoring sea-level rise and temperature, installing renewable energy infrastructure, defining marine protected areas (MPAs), among others can have a positive impact on decision-making and the resources extracted from the sea. This session gathers some successful stories on how these tools and technologies can offer opportunities to improve human activities and safeguard ecosystems.

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Save to calendar 17-11-2022 12:00 17-11-2022 12:15 Europe/Madrid The Blue Economy, a Portfolio of Opportunities

The Blue Economy transforms innovations into novel business models. How to communicate underwater using ultrasound. How to remove microplastics from seawater like our lungs extract CO2 from our blood. How to produce hydrogen from seawater at a third of the cost. How to forecast the weather measuring water density. How to capture wind power at altitudes using robotics and AI securing baseload power... are only a few of the breakthroughs that are the basis of a portfolio of new business models that can very turn into the industries of the 21st century.

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Save to calendar 17-11-2022 12:15 17-11-2022 13:00 Europe/Madrid The Pathway to a Blue Economy

Economy and sustainability can be balanced, and should be balanced, and it is now being defined under the blue economy approach. Thanks to new synergies, innovation, investment, research and new skills, economic activities with a reduced ecological damage coexist in coastal areas. How are coastal cities growing the blue economy? What are the current opportunities? How can cities prepare and educate? What are the impacts on climate change, circularity and infrastructure?

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Save to calendar 17-11-2022 13:15 17-11-2022 13:30 Europe/Madrid Navigating Our Way Towards A Plastic-Free Ocean

Emily Penn, skipper and ocean advocate, will share her adventures of a decade at sea. From rounding the globe on a record-breaking bio-fuelled boat to discovering oceanic "gyres" – huge areas of plastic accumulation. Emily co-founded eXXpedition on a mission to help people understand the true problem of ocean plastic pollution, so they can use their skills to solve it from sea to source.

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Save to calendar 17-11-2022 13:30 17-11-2022 14:00 Europe/Madrid How Can Society Get Involved with the Ocean and its Sustainability?

Cities around the world are already urging the necessity of tackling the effects of the climate emergency. Coastal areas are even more vulnerable as their damages are evident: rising sea levels and temperature, acidification, plastic pollution, etc. What are the most urgent challenges we are facing? How can coastal cities become resilient? What will it take? What is the role citizens play? This session aims to answer these and more questions by combining ecology, scientific understanding and awareness efforts to make society become part of the solution through education and engagement.

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Save to calendar 17-11-2022 14:00 17-11-2022 14:45 Europe/Madrid BlueTech Innovation: Technology Meets Sustainability

This session will show some cutting-edge examples of startups implementing technology for ocean sustainability. An overview of different nature-based solutions to tackle some of the most important challenges we are facing to reach a sustainable development, as well as a restoration of ocean natural capital.

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