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Tuesday 16
Save to calendar 16-11-2021 12:30 16-11-2021 13:15 Europe/Madrid Creating Innovation Hubs

More and more cities are betting on the creation of innovation hubs to attract talent and entrepreneurial potential. Barcelona is a success story in the development of innovative ecosystems, but what does it really take to be successful?


- Òscar Armengol


- Aintzane Arbide, Corporate Director at Dfactory Barcelona 3D Factory
- Joan Parra, General Director at DFactory
- Carles Rúa, Head of Innovation at Port de Barcelona
- Eva Rosell Solano, Director of Strategic Projects at Tech Barcelona

Expo Area – Central Agora

Creating Innovation Hubs

Infrastructure & Buildings #3D Modelling, #Co-Working, #Innovation Ecosystems, #Innovative Materials, #Urban Innovation
12:30h - 13:15h (GMT+)
Smart Ports, Port de Barcelona
Wednesday 17
Save to calendar 17-11-2021 10:30 17-11-2021 13:00 Europe/Madrid Sustainable Cities: the Key Role of Public-Private Partnerships

Webinar broadcasted from the Smart City Expo, framed in Forética's 'Sustainable Cities 2030' initiative.

During the session, trends in urban sustainability and high impact business experiences will be analyzed.

Forética will also present the report on sustainable building and construction published within the scope of the Sustainable Cities 2030 project.

For more information click here.

Zone CC1 – 1.5

Sustainable Cities: the Key Role of Public-Private Partnerships

Infrastructure & Buildings #Agenda 2030, #Circular Economy, #Cities for All, #Climate Action, #Decarbonisation, #Green cities, #Post COVID-19 Cities, #Sustainability
10:30h - 13:00h (GMT+)
Save to calendar 17-11-2021 12:00 17-11-2021 13:30 Europe/Madrid Defining the Latest on Green and Blue Infrastructures

Much of the environmental impact of cities lies in their buildings and urban infrastructures: in its construction, throughout its useful life and its demolition. Green buildings and blue infrastructures are those that have a low environmental impact and leverage digital technologies to monitor their use and sustainable impact. What are the latest developments that combine technologies to make urban infrastructures buildings greener and bluer?

Congress Area – SCEWC Room
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