Vikram Kumar
Vikram Kumar Commissioner Pune Municipal Corporation Pune, India


Save to calendar 18-11-2021 10:30 18-11-2021 11:30 Europe/Madrid Revitalizing our Cities, Relaunching Local Economies

Since the industrial revolution, cities have been centres of production and economic dynamism. In the current post-pandemic context, cities are striving to relaunch their local economies. The most successful initiatives are those linked to innovation, clusters and the use of new technologies. But, how can cities guarantee that the economic relaunch positively impacts the revitalization of urban areas both from a social and environmental perspective?

Congress Area - Auditorium
Save to calendar 18-11-2021 14:00 18-11-2021 15:30 Europe/Madrid Raising the Ambition of Decarbonizing Strategies

Cities are large consumers of energy and generate most GHG emissions. Therefore, it is vital to implement cooling and heating systems based on renewable energies and explore the use of new energy sources such as hydrogen to minimize emissions and decarbonize energy use. How can we increase the ambition and impact of decarbonization strategies? How can existing solutions and technologies be leveraged to address the decarbonization challenge?

Congress Area – SCEWC Room
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