Victor Pineda
Victor Pineda President Pineda Foundation / World Enabled Berkeley, United States of America


Dr. Victor Pineda is a best-seller author, social entrepreneur, globally recognized human rights expert, and leading scholar on inclusive and accessible smart cities. He is the president of World Enabled and a two-time presidential appointee serving the US Access Board.


Save to calendar 16-11-2022 13:30 16-11-2022 14:15 Europe/Madrid Cities Facing Tomorrow’s Challenges

Over the years, cities and citizens have had to work together to overcome structural problems. The introduction of technologies in our daily life, or the creation of new green spaces accessible for all, and the work on guaranteeing the economic, social, and personal security of all inhabitants, are some of the solutions that have alleviated tough situations, but the future is uncertain and new challenges appear due to new needs of new circumstances and generations. In this session, we will discover how cities are getting prepared to face the challenges of tomorrow.

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